Human Resources and Compliance

You’ve worked hard to grow your business, control costs, and stay one step ahead of the competition. But there are dozens of ways you could be out of compliance with Federal and State employment laws in light of court decisions and complex legislative issues. Compliance requirements for some employment laws begin with just one employee!

Our Packages

HR Compliance Review and Recommendations

ADA Compliant Job Descriptions

Employee Handbook

Family and Medical Leave Administration

PPACA Assistance and ALE Status Determination

ACA Reporting (Available for both Fully Insured and Self-Insured Plans)

Labor Law Compliance

Limited COBRA/State Continuation Services

Section 125 Premium Only Plan

ERISA Wrap Documents

Health Reimbursement Account Administration (HRAs)

Health Savings Account Administration (HSAs)

Flexible Spending Account Administration (FSAs)

Additional Services We Offer:

Employee Recruitment and Selection Best Practices and Services

Onboarding and Employee Life Cycle Services

Policy Development Services

Employee Relations Assistance

Performance Management Plans


Legally compliant Human Resources practices reduce the risk of lawsuits and costly fines, and position your company for success!  Don’t put your profits and business reputation at risk. A Human Resources Compliance Review provided by Tartan Risk Solutions is an excellent starting point for identifying areas of legal risk, while providing a confidential report of best practice recommendations to improve compliance.