Workers’ Compensation

Understanding the complexities of Ohio Workers’ Compensation can be a daunting task. Using a Third Party Administrator is one of the best ways to allow employers to have better control of their policy as well as reducing premium costs. Tartan Benefit Services is able to assist companies in several key areas.

We offer the following services to each of our clients

Expert Claims Administration

Handicaps/Settlement Filings and Negotiations

Prepare & file Protest Letters

Auditing Payroll Reports

Assistance with Rate and Manual Issues

Adjudicating Hearing Attendance

Attorney Representation at Industrial Commission Hearings

Development of Safety Programs



Here are programs we review on behalf of our clients each eligible year

Group Rating Program

Group Retrospective Program

One Claim Program

EM Cap Program

Drug Free Safety Program

Industry Specific Safety Program

Safety Council Rebate

Transitional Work Grant

Transitional Work Bonus

$15,000 Medical Only Program

Tartan Benefit Services is also able to aid in the enrollment in a variety of Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Programs in the effort to lower premiums.


If you would like Tartan Benefit Services to evaluate your company for potential savings, please click the link to complete our online Permanent Authorization Form (AC-3).



Unemployment issues are among the most common mishandled employee concerns. From developing proper protocols and procedures to representation during hearings, Tartan Benefit Services can greatly assist any size employer with a variety of services.

Hearing Representation  

Appeal filings

Phone consultation

Exit Strategy assistance for terminated employees

Assist with proper record keeping/documentation

If you would like Tartan Benefit Services to evaluate your company for unemployment services, please click the link to the left