Commercial & Personal Insurance

Commercial Insurance

At Karzmer Insurance, we firmly believe that our commercial process will prove that you should hire us as your company’s Chief Risk Officer. While we fully understand “premium” plays an important role in your decision-making process, we throw out the old “apples to apples” quoting process and replace it with a Review and Improve approach based on your company’s actual needs.

Our Review and Improve Approach

Get to know your company

Tour facilities

Perform complete review of current policy

Outline correct coverages and limits for Karzmer quote

Send applications to 8+ A rated carriers

Work with underwriters to get best package possible

Lay out clear proposal compared to current package

Develop full 12-month service plan post issuance

Continue to market account annually for ongoing renewals

Voluntary Insurance

The Karzmer Insurance Voluntary Plans offer your employees an opportunity to purchase additional protection against individual accidents or major illnesses.


Provides on and off the job coverage for unexpected accidents

Short-term/Long-term Disability

Provides income replacement for employees unable to work for an extended period of time

Cancer/Critical Illness

Provides important financial assistance if employees or their family members were to be diagnosed with a debilitating illness

Personal Insurance

Home & Auto

At The Karzmer Insurance Agency, our experienced agents will customize a clear plan based on your individual needs

Life Insurance

To avoid unnecessary worry about what the future holds, we will clearly establish the correct life insurance amount for you and your family based on actual needs.  Our term or whole life policies will provide peace of mind for your family’s future

Personal Umbrella

Provide additional liability protection for you and your family if an unfortunate event were to happen